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 'A garden is the unique expression of a person's relationship with nature.'


Hortulano is a New York-based garden design studio, that proudly combines a gardener's hands-on experience with an artist's eye to create thoughtful outdoor spaces. Our ethos is that a carefully curated garden can provide for the environment as well as our physical and emotional health. 

Principal, Timothy Heslop, draws from his international horticultural training and innate creative sensibilities to design and execute his gardens. Well-versed in temperate and tropical environments, Tim is capable of working across a wide range of climates and is adept at gardening nearly anywhere. 



Projects vary from container displays and garden renovations to master planning and conceptual design. The intention behind every project we start is to create a beautiful and useful space that is a part of everyday life and feels comfortable and settled in its surroundings.

Our clients are predominately people who share our admiration for nature and mindfulness of the plants and animals around them. While we use a wide range of native plants, we do utilize environmentally safe exotic plants to enrich many designs and best serve the needs of our clients.



If anything has inspired Tim's love of gardening, it has been exploring the beauty of our world, both natural and man-made. Travels to the United Kingdom, Japan, Central and South America, and across the United States have informed our designs and philosophies in every way. 




1850 Amsterdam Ave New York, New York 10031

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